We are so proud of the work that you have done and the impact that you have achieved. We have seen projects range from neighborhood safety, to raising awareness about mental health and human trafficking. You have created original documentaries and held events and workshops to increase financial and tech literacy in your communities. The common thread is that these are the issues that you and your teams have identified as most urgent, and have taken steps to solve them with the tools at your disposal. It isn't easy, but it is brilliant. Thank you for being a part of it!   

The website and impact report will allow us to view all that you've accomplished this year as a whole. The optional video will help to create a coherent story, but is not required. This should be straightforward, easy to navigate, and aligned with the guidelines that we have provided during this entire year. The most important thing is to communicate the story of your team and share as much compelling information about what you did as possible. We are here to help, please let us know if you have any questions.  

Thank you and good luck!

The deadline for the website and impact report is May 10th. 

To see rubrics and guidelines go to  https://www.girls-build.org/curriculum.html 

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