The Young Professionals Council (YPC) will support the mission of the LA Promise Fund (LAPF) to prepare Los Angeles students for success in college, career, and life by hosting small-scale fundraising events to benefit our programs. Additionally, the Young Professionals Council will engage in activities that raise awareness and the profile of LAPF.

Young Professionals Council members will work collaboratively with professionals across various industries to invest in Los Angeles youth and support their success. The Young Professionals Council’s goal will be to plan and execute at least two fundraising events per year. These could be co-hosted at restaurants, bars, fitness studios, etc.

Member Duties

  • Enhance LA Promise Fund’s mission and programs by: (1) Leveraging your network to mobilize resources needed for implementation of programs and fundraising efforts; (2) Providing feedback on strategies that can help enhance our programming; (3) Assisting with the positioning of the Organization’s image and brand;
  • Support member recruitment and application screening;
  • Uphold high standards of integrity and probity and extend your support in instilling the appropriate culture, values, and behaviors in meetings, events, and beyond;
  • A give/get expectation of raising or donating a minimum of $2,000 annually through fundraising events, sponsorship / in-kind donations, and other opportunities.

Member Benefits

  • YPC Members will build their networks across diverse business sectors and well-established, reputable professionals
  • Discounted tickets to attend large-scale LAPF events (such as the Girls Build Summit, Talentland, etc.).
  • Exclusive access to volunteer and fundraising events.
  • Credibility of being an LA Promise Fund Young Professionals Council Member, one of Los Angeles’ premiere education non-profit organizations.
  • Opportunity to change the face of education in Los Angeles – to bring more opportunities and resources to underserved students across LA County.
  • Exposure to high level operations and leadership opportunities including public speaking, event planning, and fundraising efforts
  • Align your philanthropic work with your career and professional skills

Eligibility and Length of Term

  • Must complete the Young Professionals Council application, and submit a resume for review
  • The length of term is two years, which may be renewed up to two consecutive terms, pending discussion with the Young Professionals Council
  • Members of the Young Professionals Council is in no way responsible for the legal, operation, and finances of the Organization;
  • Young Professionals Council members will convene in-person every other month. There will be audio or video conference capacity if members are not able to attend in person;
  • In addition to the above, depending on business exigencies, additional meetings or calls may be convened. Meeting dates will depend on overall convenience of the majority;
  • Membership may be subject for termination if any actions of a committee member while serving are deemed to be detrimental to the mission of the LA Promise Fund and as voted upon by the Young Professionals Council
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